A hike up North Twin Mountain

A hike up North Twin MountainOverlooking the town of Twin Mountain, North Twin Mountain lies at the northern end of the Pemigewasset wilderness. North Twin trail, the shortest route to the summit, can be found on Haystack Rd. (Fire Road 304) appx. 2.3 miles west of Twin Mountain village on Rte.3. A 2.5 mile drive on Haystack Rd. leads to the parking area at the base of the trail. The first two miles of the trail are an easy ascent up an old railway grade, crossing the Little River three times.
River CrossingThe AMC guide warns that these crossings are difficult to impossible during high water, although it is possible to bushwack along the bank to avoid crossing.

After the third crossing the trail leaves the river and gradually steepens for two more miles.
Twin Mountain Summit The last half mile or so is quite steep, finally giving out to a superb outlook at 4.2 miles. Here we were surprised to happen upon an impromptu classical and jazz guitar performance, pictured at left. The small green object in front of the seated figure's left foot is actually an extremely portable guitar amplifier. Mt Washington is dimly visible through the haze in the background, towards the east....
Wheww...The hiker at left enjoys a respite from the strenuous ascent just completed.
View West from Twin MountainLess than 1/4 mile further up the trail lies the wooded summit of North Twin Mtn.

A short walk from the summit leads to a spectacular vista.

Looking westward, the Franconia Ridge forms the backdrop and Mt. Garfield can be seen at the right.
View Southwest into the Pemigewasset WildernessLooking Southwest into the Pemigewasset Wilderness & preparing for LUNCH.
View to the NorthwestThe view to the Northwest, looking down at the town of Twin Mountain.

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Lat. 44 16' 12.39"
Long. 71 32' 27.20"

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