Moose Watching

Beat MooseOne of the most thrilling sights in Twin Mountain is the majestic American Moose. Six Feet Tall and 1200 pounds with huge spreading antlers, these animals are the largest member of the deer family. NH's moose population has increased markedly in the last twenty years!

Moose are often spotted along:

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Moose Sightings can happen from your car! Watch out for moose running along the road. Use caution when pulling off, taking care not to startle either the moose or other drivers.

Beware of Moose
Be aware that this dark-colored animal does not show up well at night.
Please Drive Defensively!

Lat. 44 16' 12.39"
Long. 71 32' 27.20"

White Mountains Trail
(a New Hampshire Scenic Byway)

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