What is Quoits?

Quoits has its roots in an even earlier English pub game; the throwing of horseshoes at a pin in the ground and by the 15th Century had become a well organized sport. Originally, players used an iron quoit which weighed about a pound. In the outdoor version, the quoits were thrown at a stake or "hob" in the center of a clay bed which was kept moist, the quoits being embedded sideways into the clay. An indoor version which was popular in the North West of England during the 1930s also developed, whereby rings were thrown at numbered hooks on a board.

There aren't many Quoits games going on in Twin Mountain, But we'll set up a pin for you somewhere, if you really want to try it!

Lat. 44 16' 12.39"
Long. 71 32' 27.20"

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