Bird Watching In the White Mt. National Forest

bird watchingThe Village of Twin Mountain, in the Town of Carroll, Coos County, N.H. is located in the White Mt. National Forest. It has many hiking trails, snowmobile trails, and Fire roads that allow easy access to some nice bird nesting areas.Quite a few rare bird originate in this area.

Songbirds arrive in the forest during May and June. They join the 38 species of birds who stay in the northern forest year round. As many as 72 varieties of migrant birds build their nests in the White Mountain National Forest during the summer months. The warm weather welcomes Warblers, Thrushers, and Swallows.

bird watcher
The birds of winter are also old friends. The Blue Jays, Chickadees, and Owls stay through the cold and snowy months. The Great Horned Owl is a noted year round resident.

Birding information is available at White Mountain National Ranger Stations. Also see: (links will open new window)

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So, grab your bird bag and head for the Mts.

Lat. 44 16' 12.39"
Long. 71 32' 27.20"

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